The Shaman Boy is now available. It has all 4 seasons of Luka's story including a re-telling of Cloud Cat and Sky Shifter. There are also 2 new parts.

Sky Shifter
the spring book
the second book in the The Year of Changes Quartet
the book of a different change.....

Why doesn't Luka stay safely in the bakery with Jez, Dimitri and Big Katrin? He sets off for the city - but the Bone Cracker is right behind him!
Who is up in the orphanage roof?
What falls out of the sky on to Jez and Dimitri?
Why does Simlin go Yipyip snort?
Much worse, what is under Vaskalia's mattress?

Find out in Sky Shifter.

Sky Shifter

'The Year of Changes books are crammed full of magic and adventure and have been a big hit with children'
(Emma Shaw in Derby Evening Telegraph)

'The writing is excellent, because both characterisation and atmosphere are strong as the plot moves swiftly forward. I think readers from 8 upwards will want to read all of this compelling series.'
(Sybil Hannavy in School Librarian)

`Jam-packed with fantasy, fights and frightening powers, Sky Shifter is sure to send a shiver down your spine. The sequel to the highly successful Cloud Cat....'
(Marvel Rampage Magazine)


But first, read
Cloud Cat
the winter book
the first book in the The Year of Changes Quartet telling the tale of Luka and his big brother Jez

Mysterious powers in dangerous times...

You can hear Cloud Cat read by Andrew Sachs on a BBC Audiobook - ISBN 1405650877

Cloud Cat
'The story combines magic, animals and a sympathetic young main character. It will stand on its own but is first of a series.'
(Pat Thomson in Carousel)

`The further I read the more I enjoyed it. I thought the vocabulary and description was great and I loved the characters and the storyline. All in all it was a brilliant, inspiring and magnificent read.'
(Stefan Harvey aged 10 in Word of Mouth)

`Cloud Cat is a remarkable tale of two brothers and their determination to define their own futures. This is a compelling and exciting story that held me gripped to the end. It will appeal to young readers everywhere.'
(Martha Toogood in Word of Mouth)

`a tense and magical journey...'
(Armadillo Magazine)

(Teen Titles)

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I'm delighted that Cloud Cat was on the shortlist of four chosen for the Stockton Children's Book Award.


The Gods are Watching


Stories are always about boy-kings, pharaohs and other celebrities. So I wrote about an ancient Egyptian Jack the Lad; a survivor with no home and no family. Or is he?
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The Gods are Watching

'Full of authentic detail about Ancient Egypt, rich imagery of the lush delta plains and the forbidding stone-carved monuments to gods, and exciting, nail-biting tension. The story culminates in an exciting face-to-face encounter with the legendary pharaoh.'
(Junior Education)

'I think millions of children would love this story'
(Ellie Spanovic of Lowdham C of E Primary School) 

'....another great book by Caroline Pitcher. This book gets 10 out of 10 and is recommended for 9+.
It's almost as good as 11 o'Clock Chocolate Cake.'

(Zuhaib Khan reviewing for issue 5 of CFS United)


For younger readers, Egmont have published
  Ghost in the Glass
Ghost in the Glass

hauntingly illustrated by Karin Littlewood and chosen by children for the shortlist of the Portsmouth Book Award.

I've written two books for A & C Black:

Please Don't Eat my Sister
Cast Away

in their Comix series
has off the wall pictures by Bridget Mackeith.

in their Graffix series
is brilliantly illustrated by Peter Dennis.
Beware - dangerous piano Cast Away

'Clever and well written; ideal for reluctant readers'

(Publishing News)

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