`Cloud Cat' is the first book of a quartet about Luka and his brother Jez. It is a tale of mysterious powers in dangerous times. `Cloud Cat' is the winter book...Luka is lost in a world blinded by snow. Will Jez find him before Vaskalia's Bone Cracker does?

These are the four books I have always wanted to write. They are set around a remote war-torn mountain village and yet they contain things I loved and feared as a child. I also hope there's some humour!



Luka was awake all night long by the fire, where he and Jez slept. The owl was hooting in the bare fruit trees again, but that was not why. He kept himself awake on purpose. He breathed deeply and loudly and squeezed his eyes tight shut so that Jez would think he was fast asleep. At last he heard what he was waiting for. It came padding out of the trees, through the hole in the wall and into the yard. It snuffled at the door of his house. Luka heard it, CHUFF...CHUFF. It was waiting on the other side of the door, waiting for HIM!

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