In the window stands a woman with a dress of ruby red.

Her skin is white as china.

Her eyes are green as watercress in a clear, fast stream.

Take care....

In Ghost in the Glass Christina is haunted by the unhappy ghost of the sorceress, Floriane Mortelle:

‘Floriane walks through her house of shadows, her satin skirts swishing on the stone floor.

She looks down at her hands. Such short, strong hands she has! Hands that can hack and cut and piece together windows and screens. Such rough skin, such torn, ragged fingernails, stained black with the lead she uses to fit her glass mosaics of astounding colour.

The masks on the wall watch in horror as Floriane walks on and into Christina's dreams.’

Who can Christina turn to?

Who knows the secret of Floriane Mortelle?

Read this chilling supernatural tale to find out!

This book is shortlisted for the Portsmouth Book Award and published by Mammoth Read at £3.99.


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