'... this is a most original, attractive and truthful account of being sixteen. Emma tells her own story with a frankness and charm that will ensnare readers from the start. All the hopes and fears that present themselves in year 11 are here, and all described with a clarity and accuracy which show what the author really remembers and understands, the heightened awareness of every word, glance and action that comes with being sixteen years old.
Because of the novels' episodic and informal style, and its great humour, we are unaware as we share M's dilemmas, that some serious growing up is going on; we recognize her uncertainties as our own, and eventually emerge, like her, with a sigh of relief and happiness.'
(Bridget Carrington in Write Away!)


'A cast of  characters, laconically introduced, in time find their lives woven artfully together in what, in the end, proves to be a heart-warming tale.... By mid-way, I was laughing out loud.... And if you are a relatively unstuffy adult, you will probably be as amused.' (Maxwell Craven  in Derby Evening Telegraph)


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