Here are some photos we took whilst aboard Agia Kiriaki. We so much enjoyed the trip. We swam and learnt to snorkel. We got right up close to an Octopus, some star fish, sea cucumbers and even handled sea urchins (very carefully).
Joe made us a splendid lunch and the wine flowed freely. We did not even have to find our own shipwrecks - we were taken to them!
If you go you may be even luckier than we were and see dolphins.

Octopus not sure this is the best way to travel
Octopus does not want to go in that blue bag!

Octopus trying to look scary - see his suckers and beak.

Octopus jetting home leaving a pool of ink.
There's lots of information about these extraordinary creatures in the back of Nico's Octopus.